About us

The parent Company - Everest Eco Hemp Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2016 with a mission to re-innovate, re-introduce & re-imagine the Hemp plant for the people of India. After exploring hemp utilization in food and clothing, our next step was to venture into wellness.


Cannabis-based medication is now pegged to be the future of medicine. This natural, non-reactive form of treatment helps empower the body to fight illnesses rather than simply subduing them.


This is the ideology that gave birth to ICANN, a brand focusing on holistic ayurvedic-based medications backed by science for people who want to take control of their minds and body. Originating from a nation where, for centuries, cannabis was used extensively by people for healing purposes, ICANN aims to work in sync with traditional and modern methods. Our goal is to help consumers empower their bodies and explore the potential of ayurveda to help ailments such as anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, diabetes, cancer and seizures.


doctors prescribe medical Cannabis


With a doctors-first approach, we believe in dispensing products through medical practitioners. With their guidance and feedback, we aim to advance this field of medicine to create a natural, non-habitual medication with minimal side effects. ICANN has aligned itself with institutions with large research programs with sample pools of patients suffering from ailments including, but not restricted to, addiction, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, insomnia, chronic pain and anxiety.



Cannabis medicine traditional and scientific


Our mission is to help guide people on a journey to finding their better, stronger and more capable selves. We aim to do this by developing proprietary based formulations backed by research, science and originating from the roots of Ayurveda. ICANN believes in helping you take control and, with the help of doctors & specialists, we bring a holistic revolution in India.